The Green Ranch Hosted the First „Open Playground V4“ Workshop

In a beautiful environment of the Green Ranch, situated close to Košice,  the first „Open Playground V4“ workshop took place as a part of the international project titled  “We are Equal not Identical – in Open Playground“. The project was implemented by Úspech, the non-governmental organization, under the funding of the International Visegrad Fund in cooperation with the partnering organizations from the V4 countries.

The workshop lasted from June 22, up to June 25, 2017 and it hosted 30 participants – children as well as adults from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Workshop had 5 subdivisions, where the participants had an opportunity to practice their skills in creative writing, painting, sewing and knitting.   In addition, V4 Open Playground also offered a workshop related to science, where the participants were able to carry out few simple scientific experiments.

The project provided an opportunity to kids as well as to adults to actively participate in all the above mentioned activities according to their individual choice. Workshops were implemented using the teaching method of experiential learning in a relaxed atmosphere, where the participants were able to express their natural interest and acquire new knowledge and practical skills.

As such, each workshop was transformed into a space, where the participants were able to tap into their own creative potential and utilize entire personality in the process. Five of the activities took place indoors, whereas one was realized outdoors in a close vicinity of the Green Ranch. The outdoor activity resulted in transformation of the construction material (concrete shaft rings) to ‘children’s playground’ resembling two gigantic mugs.

In joint effort the authors of the project are trying to search for new ways to address current issues related to education by using innovative methods and non-traditional educational approaches. Positive feedback from the partnering organizations, as well as from the participants, prove that the project was successful and is going to continue in a form of two-day long locally organized workshops with a similar content.

Previously mentioned activities were implemented in a context of stressing human rights and freedoms with a view to support mutual solidarity and empathy among people. Children as well adults were able to express and present their standpoints, views and ideas though creative work without worrying about the differences.  The overall atmosphere, in which the project was implemented, was characterized by mutual cooperation and by acceptance of differences, which is essential in creating fellowship and enhancing interpersonal relationships.